1. Navigation and Dashboard

  2. Settings and master data

    1. Settings
    2. Options in the settings menu
    3. Crops
      1. Creating crops
      2. Edit crop list
      3. Edit crop details
    4. Fields
      1. Field overview – fields, plots, and beds
      2. Beds overview
      3. Beds detail view
      4. Bed occupancy with planned sets
      5. Edit sets on the bed
  3. Crop Calendar

    1. Create sets
    2. Crop Calendar Filter & Sort
    3. Edit the crop plan
      1. Move sets – crop time changes via drag and drop
      2. Calendar Week Statistics
      3. Open set details
      4. Edit set details
    4. Actions at planned set and bulk processing
    5. Quantity Planning
  4. Task Calendar

    1. Views (month, weeks, days)
      1. Month view
      2. Weekly view
      3. Day view
    2. Tasks
    3. Filter Task Calendar
    4. Move tasks in the calendar
  5. Data

    1. Harvest recording and delivery
      1. Harvest recording
      2. Delivery
    2. Storage
      1. Article number – category, product, and article
      2. Article list (master data)
      3. Inventory
    3. Customer management
      1. Create and edit members/customers
      2. Create pickup location
      3. Create share types/subscriptions
    4. Seed store
      1. Set up seed inventory
      2. Seed and transplants order
    5. Documentation and Statistics
  6. App informationen and help

  7. Smartphone-App for the Micro-Farm Planner

    1. Installation on Smartphone
    2. Status bar – connectivity and updatability
    3. Navigation and Options menu
    4. Task Calendar
    5. Task Weekly Calendar
    6. Field View
    7. Harvest recording
    8. Time Registration
  8. Legal information

    1. Imprint

The navigation bar of the program is displayed at the top of the screen. The buttons on the bar give you access to the main areas (from left to right: Dashboard, Crop Calendar and Task Calendar, Planning and Data Menu), operational and user settings. These functional areas are described in separate chapters of the manual. The year switcher is used to select the plan year you want to view/edit.

To the right of this is the Wizard button (magic wand) and the name of the currently called program area.

On the far right of the bar you will find the language selection, the info menu and the logout button.

Navigation bar functions:

 The Magic Wand opens the Wizard, for learning and repeating short videos on all basic operating functions of the program. The button shows a number in a red circle until each step is completed.

Clicking the button opens the wizard window. Your progress is displayed at the top, each completed step results in a green leaf. The steps can be done in any order and repeated at any time. “Optional” steps are not relevant for all types of farms and maybe can be skipped. New starters are recommended to go through all steps from top to bottom.

To perform a step, click on it and read the short description. If a video is displayed (not for steps 1 and 2), click on it to start. If there are still questions after the video, click on “user manual” – the link will directly show the appropriate chapter when the manual is opened in a browser-window. According to the respective step in the wizard the program sections will be changed as well.

Click on “Perform now” in the upper right corner to just perform the shown step yourself.

Open the wizard again at the top of the bar and select the next step, to continue.

Exit the wizard with the “Close” or “Do not show again” buttons.

Use the language selector to display the program in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish language.

In the info menu, on the right side of the bar, the current program version and the currently logged in user are displayed at the top. Underneath you can send us a message by clicking on “Feedback”.

Help: Use the links to the user manual and the FAQ. If any questions remain unanswered, book one of our training sessions or a personal consultation.

To access the smartphone app, click on the mobile app menu item.

You can also go to our social media sites here or read the legal provisions by clicking on the link to the imprint and data protection agreement, terms and conditions and licenses.

The “Logout” button exits the program (all changes are saved).

After logging in, the dashboard opens as the start screen of the program and by clicking on the “Home” button on the far left of the navigation bar

The dashboard’s topic cards, with links to mobile version for smartphone use and links to crop plan, task calendar, documentation/statistics sections, contain practical information and the latest news from your farm.

If, for example, one or more set plans are incomplete, the “Crop planning” card indicates this.
Clicking on the link will take you to the crop calendar, where the relevant sets will be displayed for you to edit.

The “Release” card displays important information and changes to the current program version.

On the “Electronic scale” card, click on the link to get to the description of the scale technology and instructions for connecting the scale to the Permarobotics app and the micro-farm-planner.