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The Micro-Farm Planner is a horticultural software for commercial vegetable growing operations. With its versatile range of services, it facilitates the entire process of cultivation planning and implementation on your farm. The Micro-Farm Planner allows you to easily create an overview plan for each vegetable crop you plan to grow (e.g.varieties, plant spacing), to plan individual plantings, lay out your beds and cultivated plots, while resorting and filtering your data as you wish. The amount of seeds and seedlings you need is automatically calculated based on the varieties and cultivation quantities you enter in your plan. All you have to do is order them from your suppliers. All the work necessary to carry out crop planting and maintenance can either be added automatically by the software or added manually to the task calendar. The task-calendar is available to you and your employees on their smartphones or other devices at any time.

All functions (to date) at a glance:

Lege deine Gemüsekulturen an

Crop Plan

Create your own unique crop strategy for each particular vegetable variety that reflects exactly how you want to grow. Varieties, planting distances, length of cultivation periods and even the length of time between successive plantings of one variety within a given season.the Micro-Farm Planner provides you the functionality to create and continually adapt and improve unique plans for each of your crops that reflect your personal values and wishes as well as the realities of your particular farm.

Plan your plantings

Once you have created an overall crop plan for each of your vegetable varieties, you can transfer that information directly into planting schedules. Regardless of whether you choose to plan your plantings based on the total area you wish to plant, the number of plants you want to grow, or the quantity of vegetables you need to produce, the software will calculate the rest for you. Of course, because of the dynamic capabilities of the Micro-Farm Planner, you can adapt these plans at any time; for instance, to deal with unexpected weather changes.

Plane deine Gemüsebeet für einen guten Überblick deiner Flächen

Planning fields and beds

Lay out each field individually with the appropriate beds using their actual dimensions. Plan your plantings on the desired beds and document your planning and crop rotation for future reference.

Mit dem Anbaukalender hast du einen Überblick der geplanten Gemüse Sätze

Crop calendar

The cultivation calendar shows you an overview of the entire growing season. Choose from the many options for sorting and filtering – for example, by vegetable culture, or by sowing, planting or harvest date – according to your needs. With just one click, you always have an overview of all your crops and planting details.

Plane deine Aufgaben in der Gärtnerei

Task planner

When you have completed the planting plans for your vegetable varieties, the software automatically schedules planting and sowing dates as well as any other necessary tasks, based on the information you provided for each variety in the crop planner. You can assign tasks to individual plantings, fields and beds and get an overview of the necessary work for the whole year. From here, you can assign individual tasks to the responsible employee. Recurring tasks can be easily planned and managed for the desired duration.

Berechnug deiner Gemüse Jungpflanzen

Seedling and seed calculation

The number of seedlings and the amount of seeds needed to carry out the planned plantings are calculated automatically, and a summary by variety is created based on these calculations. This greatly simplifies the ordering process.

Dein Saatgut mit dem Anbauplaner verwalten

Seed management

You have unused seeds left at the end of the year? No problem. You can document the quantities you have in stock with the seed management function. These quantities will be automatically taken into account in calculating your seed needs for next season.

Sammele deine Notizen im Gemüse Anbauplaner

Notes for the future

Take notes in the field as you are planting or doing other tasks and save them directly in your database. In this way, you can document the entire growing season, and continuously expand your farm’s? wealth of experience and knowledge.

Transfer previous plans to the next year

With one click, you can transfer all your plantings for this year to the following year, and thus easily reassign them to the corresponding beds according to your crop rotation plan.

Plane die Anteile deiner solidarischen Landwirtschaft

Plan according to the number of members and distribution network or locations of your CSA

Assign harvest shares to individual members or to depots / delivery locations. The appropriate distribution of the weekly harvested quantity of each crop is then automatically calculated in the delivery planning function.

Mitarbeiter bei der Planung mit einbeziehen

Create records for each of your employees and assign tasks

Involve your employees in planning and tracking the work by giving them access to view and input data using the planning tool. This gives your whole team access to the entire overview of the work to be done at any given time and the types and amounts of vegetables you plan to grow.

Auch deine Gemüsebau Berater können integriert werden

Involve your consultant

Create an advisor account with which your consultant can directly access the cultivation plan, and thusprovide easy and efficient feedback.

Mit der Smartphone App den Gemüsebau immer mit dabei

The overview in the field

You can now easily use the Micro-Farm Planner on the go from your smartphone or tablet!

Ongoing software development

Our software is constantly being further developed and improved. In order to increase the benefits it brings in practice, we work closely with our users. In order to continuously improve user satisfaction your specific needs and feedback are important for us. to us

For farmers and gardeners who practice Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), additional features such as those that facilitate delivery, harvest planning and share planning, will follow.

Additional features can be created upon request. We value your feedback!

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