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Scientific publications

Hackfort, Sarah. (2021). Patterns of Inequalities in Digital Agriculture: A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability. 13. 12345. 10.3390/su132212345.

News articles / Press releases

Yasmin Kemnitz and Philip Kosanke. Young vegetables: growing vegetables according to a crop plan (interview by Julia Appel). Published in Gemüse Magazine, Issue 07/2023.

Startup Rukola Soft UG. Comprehensive Software for growing vegetables.  (01/2022). Published in Gemüse Online: .

A young Startup from Niedersachsen changes the way to grow vegetables  (22.11.2021). Published in Neue Pressemitteilungen. Press contact: Uwe E. Nimmrichter.

The Micro-Farm Planner offers more than just a planning tool for garden centers. A young startup from Niedersachsen changes the way to grow vegetables (Gäa Letter 04/2021). Published by .

Release Notes

Birthday release

For the 4th birthday celebration of Rukola-Soft comes just in time the small but nice release 2.4.5

with an extended harvest and time recording.

The new features at a glance:

  • Co-workers – Flexible working time without target times in time recording
  • Time recording change log
  • Time recording manager – change and control of all employee times
  • Weekly duty roster additional b/w print view
  • Harvest recording – selection of variety when entering harvest quantity (for sets without assigned variety – all varieties stored in crop master data can be selected)
  • Mobile harvest recording – quantity input with variety selection
  • Harvest recording – table with quantities of the recorded harvest separated by varieties

Get well into the autumn!

Summer planning with cool new features!

For the hot summer we have a refreshing release for you, which you can now view in the (hopefully cool) office, preferably with a cold drink! With versions 2.3 and 2.4, we’re taking planning quality and speed to a new level once again with the “Create Quantity Plan and Cultivation Plan” feature, and also bringing cool workflow improvements with roster, revised tasks, and drag ‘n’ drop in the task calendar. The mobile app now has a stopwatch on tasks for recording task times. And that’s not all!

All new features at a glance:

  • Create Crop Plan feature in the Crop Calendar: plan sets of multiple crops for part or all of the season with just one click. Simply select all the crops you want to plan, set one or more time periods for the season if necessary, and click “Create Crop Plan”. The sets are then created from the stored crop data.
  • Crop calendar quantity planning (from 35€/mon.): How big do the planned sets have to be to reach the required delivery quantities? Plan the quantities of your season per week and customer, your boxes or CSA and compare the total delivery quantity to your cultivation plan!
  • Individually selectable deviating delivery weeks on the planned set for cut crops (e.g. three harvests, every three weeks) or storage crops (delivery in 20 selected weeks after harvest)
  • Weekly roster with export – schedule work season and vacations, enter sick days, and export your work weeks for posting and documentation.
  • Drag and drop tasks in the task calendar
  • Revised task view
  • Assign multiple people to a task
  • Mobile app stopwatch for task time tracking
  • Harvest recording and yield statistics and export: display total weight of recorded harvests of each set even for piece crops or mixed harvests (piece, bunch and kilo)
  • Crops list – search field now also considers variety names

Notes on changes:

  • Crop calendar export: export button now at top of sidebar “Edit sets”.
  • Field view: On planned fields, when clicking on a set bar context menu now on the right mouse button, left click opens set sidebar, when left clicking on an unplanned field, this is selected in the “Add sets sidebar” for planning.
  • Release roster for roles and rights: If you have created your own roles, the new functions (e.g. duty rosters) must be enabled under Settings/Roles and Rights. Only then can co-workers with these roles access the features.

Good luck for your summer 2023!

Spring wind for Micro-Farm Planner! We have again a release ready for you that allows the fastest planning and even forgives mistakes!

How does it work? With new functions and thoughtful planning:

New crops in the program?
Plan crop sets for the whole season now by entering the last harvest kW – add the start date of the first set, click on “Create” – done!

Nervous quick planners can breathe a sigh of relief in the cultivation calendar – drag and drop can now also be locked, just like in the fields.

Wrong input at the set and data overwritten? Finally an undo function! (from 35€/mon.) All entries and settings on the set and when editing multiple sets can now be undone.

Also: More overview of quantity and delivery weight!

  • Harvest recording now with conversion piece to weight (can be activated under Settings/Profile).

Quick planning:

1) Use the quantity editing and copy all your sets from 2022 to the current year with one click. Then adjust them if necessary.
2) Under Planning/Fields open “Add sets”. In the filter, select the field in the “Subsequent records from field”. Close the filter. All sets planned on the field in the previous year will be displayed as a copy in the current year and can now be planned on another field.

Good luck with your 2023 season planning!

The Spring 2023 release is here, with many helpful improvements and a new language pack!

Here are the new options:

In the Crop Calendar:


  • New sorting of crop colors, variety, set and field planning status by color in the Crop Calendar filter.
  • Option squeeze mode or static calendar view (selectable in settings)
  • Weekly statistics total bed meters and bed length multiples

Additional features:

  • Cross-area #day storage
  • Program in three new languages (Spanish, Italian, French)
    Please inform us about translation errors!

Attention, change from this version: no more display of the started last harvest week (it is now, regardless of the start weekday of the set, always the harvest period specified at the set in weeks displayed)

Last planning, revision and change to the season planning 2023!

At the beginning of the 2023 season, we have put together a release that has it all!

The program is now not only technically up to date, we have also optimized the look and feel in many places and improved the usability and…

…especially helpful new options to simplify the field planning:

  • Planning of single beds
    Planning of a record section
    Filter record copies of the previous year’s field planning (filter option “subsequent records of field”) – Please note: For this, the copy of the previous year’s record must have been created with “copy to new year”!
    In addition, there is now a task statistic with an overview of all tasks with total working times, assignment to sets and fields, notes from tasks (and export option from >35 €/mon) – Please note: If you have created user-defined roles, the new function must be enabled under Settings/RolesandRights/Statistics/Tasks, so that the users with this role can see the statistics and execute the export.

If you haven’t done so yet, now is the perfect time to start planning your 2023 season!


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