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We stand for a strong community that connects people with a common goal:

To be successful


Healthy soil is the basis for nutrient-rich food and thus, for healthy people and animals.

That is our concern.


We want to help small and medium-sized vegetable Farms plan vegetable cultivation in an uncomplicated manner allowing them to run their operations efficiently.

That’s what motivates us.

A software for practitioners

For us as a team at Rukola Soft, sustainable development and regional economic systems are the focus of our thoughts and actions. Together with vegetable farmers and many other people, we want to contribute to sustainable development – so that our world is still livable for our children and grandchildren. With our software, we wish to give small and medium-sized vegetable farms a powerful tool to optimally plan vegetable cultivation, control operational processes, strengthen regional economic systems and facilitate long-term documentation. Together with the users of our software, and in cooperation with other professionals in research and consulting, our goal is to work and grow together as a strong community – so that the software fulfills the tasks that are crucial for your daily work. Thus, we see our users as equal partners in achieving this goal.
For tomorrow’s agriculture

For tomorrow’s agriculture

Highly productive soils rich in humus are the prerequisite for healthy and nutrient-rich food, and thus, for the health of humans and animals. They are an important factor in ensuring that our world remains suitable for our grandchildren. Healthy soils ensure stable yields, reduce resource use, reduce weed pressure and ensure the economic success of small and medium-sized vegetable growers. Healthy soils and thus the success of your Farm are important motivation for our work. We can contribute to this together with well-planned and regenerative vegetable cultivation. The Micro-Farm Planner is an important tool for this. It is our goal to optimize the crop planner as a tool for “regenerative diversity gardening” with direct marketing and Community Support Agriculture (CSA).

We at Rukola Soft work with as much integrity as possible, in ways that are both socially and ecologically sustainable. Therefore, the entire application runs on German servers from Biohost and WebGo. In this way, we guarantee the use of truly “green electricity” and strive to meet additional sustainability criteria that go beyond this, such as energy-efficient air conditioning and using second life cycle for server hardware.