Together for the one cause

Team and Partner

We at Rukola Soft are a team of developers and gardeners who have set themselves the goal of developing a program that simplifies operations on vegetable farms and provides an overview of the entire operation. We want to make both planning and daily farm workmore efficient and practical with our horticulture software. We implement this in a collaborative way of working at eye level. We are at your disposal for this.


The founding team

Urs Mauk

Trained vegetable gardener and farmer, experienced CSA farm manager turned freelance consultant for regenerative vegetable growing, the future: supporting the use of digital tools.

Yasmin Kemnitz

Graduate business computer scientist, software developer, project manager, extensive experience in IT project work, enthusiastic hobby fruit and vegetable grower.

Philip Kosanke

Vegetable gardener, horticultural engineer, eco-agricultural manager, diverse practical experience, research on regionalization of supply chains, in the future: software for regional producers.


Jan Groth

Business computer scientist, software developer, technology nerd, underwater fan, curious amateur in vegetable growing.

Elmar Jason Lütge

Commercial IT person, IT buyer, enthusiastic vegetable gardener and CSA employee. We can make a lot of things easier with digitization in the right places.

Our cooperation partners

Wir Garten System

Wirgarten System

With the WirGarten system, individuals are supported in founding, building and running local WirGarten cooperatives. The WirGarten concept is organized according to the principles of community supported agriculture (CSA). The team has created an extensive manual (German only) for founding such operations, including financial planning, and has made it available to everyone free of charge.

Solidarische Landwirtschaft e.V.

German Network of CSAs

The network is an association of people with an agricultural background and consumers who advocate the spread of community supported agriculture. The network sees itself equally as a movement, grassroots organization and trade association.



Permarobotics digitizes the entire value chain in regenerative agriculture. With technologies from the cloud-linked soil moisture sensor, the cloud-linked harvest recording scales to the Permabot field robot, we offer the right digital solution for every expansion stage of the farm in order to make working life easier and to support the farmers in achieving their ultimate goal ofhealing the soil and stabilizing the climate.

Klima neutrale Lebensmittel

Climate Neutral Food

Climate-neutral-food is a non-profit company and provides the Klecker app, a free solution that farmers can use to sell their products directly to their customers. In addition, our voluntary marketing team supports farmers in developing and implementing the optimal local marketing strategy. The Klecker app is fully compatible with the software of our partners the Micro Farm Planner and permarobotics. Climate-neutral-food is a member of the 4p1000 initiative.