1. Navigation and Dashboard

  2. Settings and master data

    1. Settings
    2. Options in the settings menu
    3. Crops
      1. Creating crops
      2. Edit crop list
      3. Edit crop details
    4. Fields
      1. Field overview – fields, plots, and beds
      2. Beds overview
      3. Beds detail view
      4. Bed occupancy with planned sets
      5. Edit sets on the bed
  3. Crop Calendar

    1. Create sets
    2. Crop Calendar Filter & Sort
    3. Edit the crop plan
      1. Move sets – crop time changes via drag and drop
      2. Calendar Week Statistics
      3. Open set details
      4. Edit set details
    4. Actions at planned set and bulk processing
    5. Quantity Planning
  4. Task Calendar

    1. Views (month, weeks, days)
      1. Month view
      2. Weekly view
      3. Day view
    2. Tasks
    3. Filter Task Calendar
    4. Move tasks in the calendar
  5. Data

    1. Harvest recording and delivery
      1. Harvest recording
      2. Delivery
    2. Storage
      1. Article number – category, product, and article
      2. Article list (master data)
      3. Inventory
    3. Customer management
      1. Create and edit members/customers
      2. Create pickup location
      3. Create share types/subscriptions
    4. Seed store
      1. Set up seed inventory
      2. Seed and transplants order
    5. Documentation and Statistics
  6. App informationen and help

  7. Smartphone-App for the Micro-Farm Planner

    1. Installation on Smartphone
    2. Status bar – connectivity and updatability
    3. Navigation and Options menu
    4. Task Calendar
    5. Task Weekly Calendar
    6. Field View
    7. Harvest recording
    8. Time Registration
  8. Legal information

    1. Imprint

Clicking on the “Info” icon in the navigation bar (top right), opens the Info menu with the following options:

Version details and information material.

Version details and information material.

Version details and Information: The top entry in the info menu shows the version number of the micro-farm planner.

Currently logged in user: If there is only one main user (admin), this user is indicated there, if there is more than one user, the name is shown.

Click on the following help links to get more information:

Mobile App Login: Click on the “mobile app” link to access the smartphone app login in the browser.

Legal Information: In the lower part of the info menu you will find the links to our legal information and terms:

API: For the connection to online stores and the automatic documentation of goods movements, there are corresponding interfaces to query stock levels or to record deliveries and goods receipts. In addition, a harvest scale can be connected to the vegetable cultivation planner to facilitate harvest recording.

If you want to have a look at the full scope of interfaces, you can find the technical description here: [https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/20071484/UyrDEFwR#intro].