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The development of this software is primarily driven by the idealism of our team members. We try to live our lives in an ecologically sustainable way, and also want to help create a new economic culture. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide what this software is worth to you, and therefore, what you consider a reasonable amount of money for you to invest in our common goal – providing our fellow farmers this useful tool.

The initial concept and development of the Micro Farm Planner was accomplished through a great deal of voluntary work. Continued operation and support involves regular monthly costs. With the help of your feedback and your financial contribution, we can continue to improve the functionality and develop new features.

Special offer for Small Farms

This low initial financial contribution is the Micro-Farm Planner community’s way of supporting start-ups and, small farms.

from 20€

per month plus VAT.


With this we can work.

from 35€

per month plus VAT.

Sponsor contribution

This level of financial contribution is intended for members of the Micro-Farm Planner community who have the financial resources and willingness to provide a higher level of support for our work and common cause. This gives us a financial cushion to help support others in establishing new farms and the further develop and improve the software.

from 50€

per month plus VAT.

Your benefits

No matter where you are – together with your employees you have access to your data everywhere and on all end devices.

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The Micro Farm Planner offers numerous options with which you can plan and control the operations of your farm.

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Mit der Smartphone App den Gemüsebau immer mit dabei

You can now easily use the Micro Farm Planner
on the go
from your smartphone or tablet!

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What our customers say:

“The Micro Farm Planner accompanies us through the year. The versatile access options via cell phone in the field, our farm tablet in the coffee kitchen and on the computer in the office, the program can be used for all necessary planning work, documentation and notes and thus saves many Excel lists, collections of notes, searching and ultimately time … .”


Jörg Böhmer , City Farm Saarbrücken

I have waited many years for this software!
– regionally produced program!
– real people on the support line
– Suggestions for improvement from users flow into further software development
– mobile data collection right in the app
– simplifies the planning phase in our operation considerably
– Solidarity-based payment model

I find the Micro Farm Planner really sensational.
Have 2022 almost finished planning!
Specially for me as a beginner it creates order overview and structure in a clarity that no Excel sheet in the world can represent.
Big thanks – this tool is a real enrichment!

The vegetable growing planner helped us tremendously in the first season of our CSA “Allerlei”. From calculating weekly harvest proportions to easily ordering seedlings and seeds to planning individual plantings including placement of seedlings on the beds– to knowing exactly what tasks needed to done at any given time, and documenting their completion via smartphone right in the garden; the software accompanied us throughout the season. For us, this was an indispensable tool that has certainly contributed to the successful start of our CSA!v

Claudia und Stephan, CSA Allerlei

“The Micro Farm Planner is an extremely important and
useful tool for our small market garden. Clear planning of many cultures and
tasks creates the necessary structure we need in our daily work. This gives
us the freedom to focus on the essentials during the running season. The Rucola Soft team responds to questions in a fast and friendly manner. Absolutely recommended!”

Vroni, David, Eva, Laurin, Market Garden GMIAS

“The Micro Farm Planner makes my day-to-day work a lot easier, as everything is planned in advance and details of the plan can be called up any time using the app. This leaves my head free for other things.
The greatest help for me is the ability to plan the entire cultivation year in advance, which, for me, was also the main reason for using the planner. Particularly noteworthy are the many input functions, which allow you to enter a lot of detailed information after which everything is recalculated immediately, which is especially helpful, for example, in starting and setting out seedlings.

The newly added harvest summary function will surely give me a lot of additional information that will be useful in planning the next season.

The Micro Farm Planner is a game-changer, especially for people who are not particularly experienced in business management and/or vegetable cultivation.”

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